Web Design

Our designers main aim is to bring the most prepossessing Design for our client’s project which is blend of best colours and theme.

Website Designing Transforming Online Presence

Our Web Design work has its own creativity at top level, that delivers world class website design solutions. We have Highly skilled, masterful website designers at your service that take care of essential layouts elements, mobile friendly & mobile responsive. We make Your website a tool to generate your business online.

  1. HTML / HTML 5
  2. CSS / CSS3
  3. JavaScript
  4. jQuery
  5. Angular / Node Js
  6. React

Custom Web Design Process

We do not just web design, but out-of-the box digital experiences that takes your business to the next level!

Kick-Off & Discovery
The Huriyasoft team hosts an initial meeting with the client to discuss the scope of the project, including platforms and target audience, existing brand strategies, and more.
Digital Strategy
After the kick-off call, the digital strategist will utilize the brand strategy document that was completed in step 1 to build a customized digital strategy.
Information Architecture
Digital strategists and information architects will work closely together to document the existing features and functionalities of the current platform.
Design Mockups
After the website or app architecture is approved, designers will create wireframes – which are essentially blueprints of a website that outline the structure.
Coding & Development
After the designs are approved, they move into the development stage. Here, frontend developers will create the frontward-facing interface – which customers will see – while the backend developers will create the content management system and tie that administrative dashboard to the frontend.
Quality Assurance
Throughout the development process and before the website goes live, team members – including the developers and digital strategists – will test every facet of the website or mobile app to ensure it functions properly and matches the original designs that were approved by the client.
Launch & Optimization
Once the platform is built and the testing is completed, the new website or mobile app will be pushed live to the public. However, the work doesn’t stop there. The Huriyasoft team will continue to monitor its performance and security, optimizing whenever possible to maximize results.


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