Augmented Reality Mobile App Development Using Different Platforms

We are a renowned augmented reality development company. Experience the expertise of our developers who develop website or applications using various trends and technologies. We use iOS, Android and Windows platform empowering existing marketing strategy, training and sales enablement apps, t roubleshooting using Augmented Reality App Development. While using these platforms we use attention-grabbing components like 3D object rendering, image tracking, GPS tracking, and enhance apps productivity.

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Augmented Reality App Development Services

Unique game app development services to meet the desires of our client’s by the best game app developer.

iOS ARkit Development
ARkit is famous as a game-changer in Augmented Reality. It allows developers to create augmented reality apps with maximum creativity and assists in establishing a whole new experience for users. It encourages you to build 3D models and give developers access to build high level, session-based API with a compelling set of features.
AR Code Development
Interact with both the physical and virtual environment to get the best virtual reality game development experience. AR Code helps developers to enhance product communication and increase user engagement. It serves the business with brand recognition and allows them to grow immensely.
Location-Based AR Development
Location-based AR development helps to integrate location-based information and attractive location tracking features which are more realistic and can help the end-user to improve the overall user experience. It has broadened the horizon of delivering better service to the user with AR elements.
Marker Based AR
It is also known as Image recognition. This AR-type uses a camera (reader) and a maker (like QR/2D/Barcode) to generate the result. It takes the halters from the virtual platform to create a new platform. It is one of the most popular and trending technology, which will increase the market value of the billionaire level in 2022.
Markerless AR
It utilizes devices added by GPS, accelerometer and digital compass to give you data about your location. It turns the working process image and QR code-based triggers to makers less augmented reality services. Geolocation based games come under Maker less AR.
Virtual Reality Development
Huriyasoft is a leading virtual reality game development company. We provide a top-notch virtual reality game developed by the team of expert virtual reality app developers. We create VR apps for Games, product design, training, retail, real estate, and healthcare industries.


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